Newton Landmark


3 buildings; 64,181 sqft

Building 1
4-story building
(Professional small to large business offices)

Building 2
2-story building
(Professional small to large business offices)

Building 3
1 story
(Currently leased to A&W)

Mix of retail and professional office spaces

  • Great location
  • Lots of public exposure
  • Tons of walk-through traffic
  • Fairly close to public transportation
  • Future Skytrain station
  • Super busy mall
  • Very well kept and clean buildings
  • High visibility
  • Plenty of parking, including monitored underground parking
  • Variety of major retail stores
  • Walking distance to coffee shops, restaurants and major retail and grocery stores
  • Individual offices with shared amenities available at great rates for small and or new business owners
  • Some of our key and loyal tenants include:
    • A&W
    • Fraser Health
    • C Borstal Association
    • National Job Agency
    • Canadian Back Institute
    • Ministry of Family and Child Development
    • Boldwing Continuum Architects
    • Oviedo Group of Properties