Tenant Services

Peace of Mind

Reliable, genuine and authentic. We value integrity, privacy and communication.


Strong moral and ethical values; consistently focussed on doing what’s right.

Prompt Response

Quick attention to and response time for all tenant requests.

Trustworthy Tradesmen

24/7, 365 Emergency On-Call Services

Repair And Maintenance Request

Building Security

Direct Contact With Property Manager

Proven Qualified Suppliers

  • On call 24/7 to ensure prompt emergency response to any tenant requests.
  • Reducing tenant operating costs, so tenants can invest more into their businesses.
  • Conducting onsite visits to properties on a regular basis.
  • Responding to all tenant communications within 24 hours.
  • Providing several payment options for rent, making the process easy and effortless.
  • Obtaining permission for maintenance requests/ concerns from landlord.
  • Timely coordination of tenant improvements, repairs and maintenance requests.
  • Setting up first class security systems and managing security personnel.

“I have been with Oviedo Property Management since early 2016. The office has been well maintained and it has helped in maintaining a professional image for our business. Our clients and staff have enjoyed this location and environment. We have enjoyed the responsiveness and professionalism of the maintenance and leasing staff. We look forward to continuing to our stay at this location.”

Parm Gill (CPA, CA, CFA), The Accounting Office